VAST Supplies can supply all your washroom, janitorial and office cleaning supplies with no delivery charges in Hertfordshire and no minimum order!
Our range includes: Brooms & Mops, Brushes, Garage Supplies, Paper Products & Hand Care.

Not only that but if you need specialist cleaning tools or chemicals, VAST Supplies can deliver these at very low cost (or FREE if your business is in Hertfordshire). For more information please click here

If you are looking for a wide range of cleaning products in Hertfordshire for your office - you have come to the right place. At Vast Supplies, we specialise in office cleaning products and appliances - we can therefore provide all your washroom, janitorial and office cleaning supplies from our Hertfordshire warehouse with no delivery charge if you live within Herts. And what’s more, there is no minimum order amount; therefore you won’t be pressured to buy unnecessary extras. What are you waiting for? With our vast stock at Vast Supplies you will have a vast choice of products that once chosen will arrive promptly to your door. You have every reason to buy our cleaning supplies at our online store in Hertfordshire. From hand towel dispensers, to mop buckets on wheels to buttermilk soap, our versatility, reliability and efficiency makes us the premier provider of cleaning products in Hertfordshire.

  • Carefree Speed Stripper
    Carefree Speed Stripper 5 Ltr...
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  • Kitchen Rolls
    Kitchen Rolls 24 Pack...
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  • Kentucky Mop Head Twine - Size 16
    Kentucky Mop Head Twine - Size 16...
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  • Pine Disinfectant
    Pine Disinfectant 5 Litre...
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  • Flash Liquid 5Ltr
    Flash Liquid 5Ltr...
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  • Soft Broom 36” with Stay & Handle
    Soft Coco Broom 36” (900mm) with Stay & Handle...
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  • Jay Cloth 50/Pk
    Jay Cloth 50/Pk...
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  • Twine / Cord Socket Mop - Size 12
    Twine / Cord Socket Mop - Size 12...
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  • Kentucky Mop Head Multi - Size 20
    Kentucky Mop Head Multi - Size 20...
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  • White Hand Soap 5Ltr
    White Hand Soap 5Ltr...
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